Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday...You Know, What Happens Before Dancing At The Basement...

Part One: Noodles, Curry, Pie.
So here in Northampton, Massachusetts, as I'm sure you well know, we do this thing where we like to dance a lot on Tuesday nights, at the Basement. With Purity Supreme. Been going on for a long time, kind of a tradition in some (awesome) circles. Usually, we pre-game. If you're pre-gaming with me, you're eating dinner too, because my favourite way to spend time with my friends is to cook for them.
12.1.2009: Some zucchini, udon noodles, tons of red wine, & then Liz & Owen go dancing, wearing vintage fur coats.
12.15.2009: Curry made from still more leftovers of this chicken....& still more red wine...
...& later the same night, vodka & Natalie's Orchid Island fresh squeezed grapefruit juice cocktails, & this key lime pie...
...& then, dancing to hip-hop. & later more food, more drinks, more dancing.
On that note, Eating & Drawing says: go to Amazing Love tonight at the 11's because I CANNOT tonight, sadly, but YOU should. SERIOUSLY.

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  1. Nothing beats a canvas of food.. the colors... food .. yummy